Career Clarity Accelerator

If you are ready to make a career move but unsure where to start, this is for you!  


There are so many amazing female professionals who know that they want to build meaningful careers and make more impact.

The biggest challenge is getting clarity on what type of career move you want to make.

Figuring out how to make a change without sacrificing your income level can feel unrealistic and frustrating. 

The great news is that the Career Clarity Accelerator is going to simplify the entire process of how you decide what you want for your future without hesitation.

The CCA is for every amazingly talented female professional who wants to leverage her existing experience to create a career that you love.

And the best part is that you don’t have to start from the bottom! You’ll learn how to stand out and get noticed, even if you are not the most experienced candidate. 

Introducing The Career Clarity Accelerator 

In 2015, I was working as a corporate lawyer, living "the dream" even though at times it felt like a nightmare.

Sixteen hour days, working through the night and feeling anxious about whether or not I had missed something in those 100 page contracts I had reviewed at midnight.

When I went on maternity leave with my first son, I had time to contemplate my career trajectory. I decided it was time to leave my job without a plan.

A few months later I landed a new in-house counsel opportunity working 3 days a week, earning more than I had earned working full-time as a corporate lawyer.

So how did I make a pivot in my career into a role that was more aligned with my values without taking a pay cut?

I used a framework to get clear on what I really wanted and then position myself to attract an ideal opportunity without the need to retrain. I call it the Career Change Maker Framework.

Using this framework, I created a clear vision for my career, learned how to validate potential options and positioned my existing experience as valuable to potential employers.

This is the same framework that I have used to lead 100+ coaching clients around the world to more impactful and aligned careers.

I am now making the framework more widely available in The Career Clarity Accelerator, so that you can experience similar results. 



Here Is What's Inside The Career Clarity Accelerator

Module 1: Prepare for Change

Change in your career can only occur when you commit to making it happen. This module will help you mentally prepare to step outside of your comfort zone and make a change in your career.

You'll learn how to reduce the overwhelm and focus on the 3 different types of career changes you can make and focus only on the type that will work best for you in this season of life.  

Module 2: Audit Where You Are Now

Audit your career journey and gain significant insights on your area of career impact.

You'll learn how to take an inside-out approach to finding the career path you can get excited about. 

Module 3: Decide What Do You Want

Step into the driving seat of your career and decide what you want to do next. 

You'll learn how to follow a step by step process for validating your ideas and gathering data, so that you feel confident enough to pick your path.

Module 4: Position Yourself For Your Transition

Once you decide on your path, it is time to build the bridge that you need to transition into your new role, industry or career. 

You'll learn how to leverage and position your existing expertise, so that you can avoid taking a pay cut or starting from scratch. 


We have added in some helpful bonus resources to support you on your journey.

Access helpful podcast episodes and learn from Mindset Expert, Author and TEDx speaker, Karen Allen as she shares simple and practical tools for powerfully shifting your mindset as you prepare yourself for new opportunities.

Meet the creator of CCA

I'm Janine Esbrand and I help women to get unstuck and advance into work that lights them up.

I started out my career as a lawyer. After 10 years of practicing I realised that there was a big world of alternative options waiting to be explored :)

Since taking the leap and designing my career intentionally rather than operating in the realm of "shoulds", I am so much happier. 

I want the same for you. I'm here to guide your through a simple but highly impactful process for finding career clarity and transitioning into a career that you'll love. 

More Past Client Experiences 

Frequently Asked Questions 

We have provided answers to the most common questions that we receive, so that you can make an informed decision about whether this program is for you. If we have not addressed one of your questions, feel free to email us at

How do I access the course?

This is a completely online experience. After signing up, you will get login details to the training portal where all the lessons and materials can be accessed. 

How long do I have access to the course

You will have 12 month access to the course materials and any updates that are made during that time period. Enough time for you to use and reuse the materials, but not enough time for you to leave the course login details hanging out in your email inbox without being used ;) 

How much time will it take to go through the course? 

This is a self-paced experience, so you’ll go through it at your pace.

The lessons are created with the busy person in mind. Each lesson is between 3-10 minutes long and has corresponding exercises for you to complete. If you diligently set aside a 2-3 hours a week to this process, you could finish it in less than a month. 

What if I am unhappy with the course? 

We aim to serve our customers and meet their needs. If you are unhappy with this course, you have 7 days to contact us and receive a full refund. 

Will this work for my industry?

We have had lawyers, accountants, management consultants, project managers, film editors, florists, retailers, authors and more go through our programs. We teach universally applicable principles and guide you on how to apply your learnings to your specific situation.

Will I get coaching support? 

If you sign up for the Self Study + Coaching option, you will have access to 2 x 60 minute coaching sessions with one of our coaches. These sessions can be scheduled up to 6 months from the date that you enrol on the course. 

How is this course different from what you share on the podcast?

Our Career Change Maker podcasts are typically 15-20 minutes long. I tend to share insights at a high level. In this course I am going into details and providing step by step guidance. You will also benefit from our worksheets, templates and scripts to accelerate your progress. 

If I get stuck, can I get help from the Career Change Makers Team?

If you need technical support, contact us at If you are seeking additional coaching support, reach out to Janine Esbrand and she will guide you on your next step, by emailing 

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