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Welcome to our self-study portal - The Career Change Makers Academy.

Here you can access our best courses, resources and digital products. 

We love supporting high-achieving women with developing and advancing in fulfilling careers with more ease, intention and confidence. If you're ready to:

  • clarify your next best career move
  • position yourself for amazing new opportunities 
  • take your career to the next level
  • become a trailblazer in your industry 

... then you're in the right place!

I'm Janine, founder of Career Change Makers. My passion was born from my experience with navigating career as a lawyer coming from a non-traditional background.

As I learned tough and important lessons on my career journey, I realised that there is so much information many women are missing, that holds them back from achieving career fulfilment and satisfaction. 

Now I love to share my knowledge and support individuals, teams and organisations to grow intentionally, so that they thrive in the complex world of work.

Dive in, so we can help you to navigate your career journey and position yourself to love the work that you do (and get paid well doing it!).

If you would like more high-touch coaching support, BOOK A CALL with our team. 

Available Programs

LinkedIn Made Easy Course

LinkedIn is a goldmine when you know how to use it.

You can expand your network, attract opportunities and make more money by leveraging the power that is LinkedIn.

This LinkedIn Course is designed to guide you step by step on how to set up and optimise your LinkedIn profile, so that you can start leveraging the features to accelerate your career advancement and development. 

Career Clarity Accelerator [CCA]

This course is for the professional who has worked hard to get to this stage of your career, but is unclear about the next best career move for them.

Follow our signature career change maker framework which will lead you to clarity, so you can stop spinning your wheels and move forward with confidence. 

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